Panus Drop Deck Semi Trailer

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  • Trailer Model: Drop Deck Semi Trailer
  • Dimensions: Length: 13,730 mm
    Width: 2,500 mm
    Top- 1,479mm
    Rear- 1,100mm
    Skid Plate Height: 1,280 mm
    King Pin Position: 1,430 mm
    Wheel Base: 9,500 mm
    Suspension Spread: 2,700 mm
    Chassis Frame: Main Rail Centres: 1,040 mm
    Skid Plate: 10 mm with 51 mm demountable, King Pin (190kN)
    Bumper Bar: Steel RHS with Side Infill Panels
    Coaming: 5 inch
    Floor: Forklift Rated/Flush
    Rear Overhang: 2,700 mm
    Tare Weight: 9,670 kg
    Tailgate: Galvanised Hydraulic Ramps – 800mm x 2,600mm
    Suspension: SAF Module U20/2500E29 190RH (ADR Compliant)
    Axle: Kedi Drum Brake Axle (ADR Compliant) ` 127 mm Round Axle, 10 Stud 285 PCD, Greased, Auto Slack Adjusters
    Brake Kit: Wabco EBS Tri Axle Brake Kit (ADR Compliant)
    Wheels & Tyres: Steel Wheels 8.25 x 22.5 – 10 Stud 285 PCD / Superhawk HK867 - 275/70 R22.5
    Landing Gear: Jost D200T – with compensating feet (S-Foot)
    Twist Locks: 3-Way Twist Locks (1x 20’ Container, 2x 20’ Container, 1x 40’ Container)
    Electrical: Multi-Volt LED Lighting (ADR Compliant)
    Hubodometer: Stemco Datatrac Pro Digital
    Winch Track: Standard Winch Track Fitted to Right Hand Side of Trailer
    Accessories: Front and Rear Splash Guards
    Spare Wheel Carrier – Double wheel carrier incorporated in main beams
    Front and Rear Racks
    Gate Carrier - NIL
    Front Side Gates (1,770mm x 1,525mm)
    Steel Tool Box (1,200mm x 550mm x 400mm)
    Rear Side Gates (2,200mm x 1,915mm)
    Mudguards – Steel Splash Guards in Main Beams
    Paint: Frame and Wheel Hubs 2 Pak
    Signs: Long Vehicle & Do Not Overtake

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